Richy's 1970 XW Ford Falcon Restoration - Pt 8

Richy's 1970 XW Ford Falcon Restoration - Pt 8 Drivetrain

This week we cover the running gear for the XW project; while this car started its life as a boring old “three on the tree” 6 cylinder Falcon, we are building it into a 351 Cleveland C4 automatic with a 9inch diff.

We struck some luck with a package for sale that covered almost everything we need. We picked up a warm 351 Cleveland which was checked over and treated to a full set of engine gaskets. Next was a C4 automatic transmission which was visually checked over and seemingly in good working order. A complete rebuilt 9inch diff assembly, again checked over and satisfactory. And finally, a tailshaft to marry it all together.

This Falcon is not going to be restored to the original build sheet but our aim is to achieve a finish somewhat similar to what would have rolled off the showroom floor. With that in mind, we went about stripping some paint, sandblasting some parts, sanding and generally preparing everything to make it look new. We used a catalogue of new reproduction parts off the shelf to save some time and to showcase the quality of the parts. Then we pulled out some old stamps, paintbrushes and crayons that Robin had hiding away from his restoration heyday and got to work!

 Listed below is the catalogue of parts used on this part of the build. Enjoy the photos and please keep the comments rolling in, it’s great hearing your thoughts 😊


(Pictured above) The pallet of running gear as we received it


 (Pictured above) Red goes faster right?


 (Pictured above) C4 auto including the torque converter


 (Pictured above) Solid 351 just needed some gaskets and a freshen up


 (Pictured above) Scored a Holley, unsure if we'll use it


 (Pictured above) Are you sure you don't want a 427?


(Pictured above) Preparing the new parts for install


(Pictured above) Fresh parts & paint


(Pictured above) Now that is beautiful! 


(Pictured above) Arts & crafts


(Pictured above) Details details details


(Pictured above) Cheat sheet


(Pictured above) MUCH better!


 Aerosol Paint - Ford Blue

Aerosol Paint - Satin Black

Valve covers Cleveland Blue

Engine Bolt Kit - 351C 4V

Decal Kit XW 7 Decals Cleveland

Engine ETAG 

Air Cleaner Assembly XW GT

Oil Cap to Air Cleaner Hose XW GT

PCV Hose 351 Cleveland

PCV Valve

PCV Grommet Twist

Thermostat Housing Cleveland

Thermostat 180F 82C

Oil Pressure Sender Unit 1965-1970

Water Pump Cleveland Cast

Coil Bracket Cleveland

Coil Yellow Top

Autolite Oil Filter

Spark Plug Lead Holder Slide

Engine Mount V8 1966-1972 falcon XR-XB

Oil Breather Cap 351C

Fuel Pump Cleveland

Fuel Line Pump to Carburettor 351C

Alternator Brackets 351C XW-XY

Engine Sump Cleveland

Dip Stick 351C Chrome

Diff Centre Nut Kit

Diff gasket 9"


please keep the comments rolling in, it’s great hearing your thoughts 😊

Dale Haberfield July 31, 2020

Looking great guys. Just wondering who you will be using to achieve the mod plate for the engine upgrade?

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