Mustang Auto Parts was founded in 1982 by Robin & Linda Bath as a part time business in Morningside Queensland. Robin bought his first Mustang in 1976, a run-down 1966 hardtop 289 auto and soon discovered how difficult it was to source spare parts for his Mustang. Robin dove deep into the Mustang spare parts industry, initially by importing parts directly from major US suppliers Scott Drake, ACP (All Classic Parts) & Daniel Carpenter Mustang Reproduction. Since then; the list of suppliers has grown immensely, and Mustang Auto Parts now has stock arriving on a weekly basis out of the USA.


In 1982 Robin & Linda owned a Wimbledon white black vinyl roof XT Falcon GT. Parts for the XT were already scarce and was the catalyst for Mustang Auto Parts reproducing parts for these iconic cars. Since then the catalogue of parts produced by Mustang Auto Parts has grown to over 400 parts. Mustang Auto Parts is now one of the major wholesale suppliers of Falcon & Falcon GT parts in Australia & New Zealand.


In the Summer of 1993 Robin made his first visit to Taiwan to meet with some of the major producers of classic car parts at the time. Since then Mustang Auto Parts has had a strong and long-standing relationship with some of the key suppliers to the USA & worldwide. One of these companies is the very well-known supplier Musclecar GT who have been pioneers of classic Mustang & Falcon reproduction parts since the beginning.


After surviving the millennium bug Mustang Auto Parts was well and truly engrained in the classic Mustang & Falcon spare parts supply and manufacture business. In 2004 Robin sent a FAX to one of the major wholesale suppliers in the USA offering to sell some of the Mustang products which Mustang Auto Parts had produced. What ensued was the beginning of a lasting relationship.


Since 1982 Mustang Auto Parts has outgrown both their Morningside residence and 25 year long Bulimba Residence and moved to a bigger facility in Mansfield Queensland in September 2017. Mustang Auto Parts has remained a privately owned family operated business since 1982. Robin & Linda remain active in the business but with time comes change and the business is now operated by their daughter Amy & her husband Richard and a team of young enthusiasts.