Richy's 1970 XW Ford Falcon Restoration - Pt 5
Welcome to Part 5 of Richy's XW Falcon Restoration
With the XW now stripped we are now ready to take the shell back to bare metal. We are using a combination of chemical paint stripper and careful sandblasting to achieve this. This process allows us to take the car back to bare metal and evaluate which areas need addressing.

The sandblasting process is quite aggressive and can cause warped panels due to excessive heat. The roof, quarters, boot, door skins and any other delicate panels should not be sandblasted. These areas were paint stripped back to bare metal.

Unfortunately, we did not have the facilities to put the XW on a rotisserie this time round. Therefore we had to make do with what we had. Any areas that could not be reached by the sandblaster will be treated at a later stage.

Fortunately, we did not find any more nasty surprises apart from the Rear LH Torque Box and the front RHF corner of the plenum which was worse than expected.

In the next blog post, we will be diving deep into the rust repairs!
 (Icing on the cake)
  (Paint stripping is a messy task)
(Rust be gone)
(Looking really solid)
(Straight as an arrow)
(Good floors - not so good torque box)
(Very happy so far)
(LHF door looking suspicious)
(The other doors are a bit more promising)
(Rusty boi)
(No flaw in this floor)
(Common problem)
(Speed holes)
(Just clear coat this?)
(Not bad)
(This is a problem)
(Parcel shelf is actually not bad)
  (A lot of work ahead, but satisfied overall so far)
Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!
Douglas Foster June 24, 2020

Not to bad. Certainly worth restoring.

Paul June 24, 2020

What paint stripper did you use Richy?

Trevor goodman June 25, 2020

Looks good you can now see what your up against good luck on the rebuid👍

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