Richy's 1970 XW Ford Falcon Restoration - Pt 3

Welcome to Part 3 of Richy's XW Falcon Restoration

As we continue dismantling the Falcon, we can inspect more of the bare metal - some of which resembles Swiss cheese.

After removing the seats and carpet, we were happy to find a dry rust free floor. Original floors are a pretty rare thing to see, and one of our top selling products is the floor pans. It's quite strange how this car rusted.

Another rusted area of the XW is the rear bumper dust seal which is quite common in most of these Falcons. This seal was a design flaw from the Ford factory. Over time moisture is caught in the seal allowing the panel to rust.

We suspect that the severity of the rust on the Falcon is caused by sitting in tall overgrown grass. It has eaten away at all low lying steel such as suspension components, front torque boxes, and sills. Even one rear torque box looks questionable. 

As we progressed removing each piece, we were glad to see a lot of untouched parts and components. We're looking forward to dropping the bare body off to sandblasting and progressing with the build.

Stay tuned!

(A dry floor pan)

 (Front left pan could need attention)

(Spidey sense)

(Rear bumper dust seal - the #1 rust spot on a Falcon)

(There's always one...)

(Original regulator with wiring tag)

(Severity of the rust)

(Swiss cheese, anyone?)

(Eaten sills)

(Bottom seat brace rails - potential bush bash damage)

(Insert torque box here)


Brian May 30, 2020

Oh dear, thats not it going to be easy to repair. I have a XY falcon that i picked up from western NSW 3 years ago. It has absolutely no rust at all anywhere! Only 83000 miles from new. But the seat rails and everything underneath is dented from hitting things in the bush. Mine is in the same state now, pulled apart to a shell. Doing well to get so far on the build. Interested to see tge progress.

Douglas Foster June 01, 2020

Blimey. And I thought I had some rust in my project. Mind you I have taken 8 years to nearly finish mine. Good luck..

Paul Collins June 09, 2020

Love the blog. Great to see it getting restored.

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