Richy's 1970 XW Ford Falcon Restoration - Pt 10

Richy's 1970 XW Ford Falcon Restoration - Pt 10 Brakes

While we wait for the XW shell to come back we got busy restoring/sourcing all of the braking system ready for installation. The XW started it's life as a drum brake car therefore we had to source some second hand spindles, calipers & booster for the disc brake conversion. Almost all of the other parts we sell new at Mustang Auto Parts and we have listed them at the bottom of the blog as usual. Let us know your thoughts!



(Pictured above) Crusty second hand calipers needing a new lease on life


(Pictured above) Calipers & spindles were cleaned up and we set about rebuilding them

(Pictured above) Everything will be new except the caliper casing


(Pictured above) Nikita mechanic extraordinaire 


(Pictured above) Next we attack the rear drums

(Pictured above) Everything will be new except the backing plates


(Pictured above) Drums all assembled. Who would have thought some old Ford drums could look so good!


(Pictured above) All of the components coming together nicely


(Pictured above) That's basically everything ready to go!


Peter Davies January 15, 2021

Hi there

I noted your need for spindles. I have a set of spindles and disks of a 1968 mustang FE390 coupe. Do you think there is someone out there that would want them?



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