Richy's 1970 XW Ford Falcon Restoration - Pt 1

Welcome to the Mustang Auto Parts first blog post!

After completing the 1965 Mustang build (Raven Black), Richy has decided to tackle restoring a classic 1970 XW Ford Falcon.

Over the past few months, Richy has been looking for a possible candidate for his next build. A 1970 XW Falcon came up for sale locally for the right money and was too good not to buy. The XW came factory with a 6 cylinder manual. Richy's thoughts were - It's not a rare model, not V8, nothing special; it's a blank canvas. 

After the first inspection, the XW looked complete, which was ideal for this project. There was a fair amount of rust present. However, all steel components can be cut out and replaced with new sheet metal sold here at Mustang Auto Parts. 

The aim of this restoration is to build the XW to somewhat concourse level using the parts available that we stock at Mustang Auto Parts. 

Over the next few months, we will be covering the ground up restoration process. The next stage is stripping the car down and preparing the body for sandblasting. 


Corey mark May 15, 2020

Is it going to be for sale after it’s finished ……

Corey mark May 15, 2020

Is it going to be for sale after it’s finished ……

John Clifford May 15, 2020

Nice find I know you have the rite man for the job. Has done work for me the past have been very happy.

Kj GL Edwards May 20, 2020

I have a XR Fairmont 200 pursuit with matching numbers. Had rust under radiator overflow, the cross member and in parcel tray on the left due to a rear window leak. A lot of work but will be a joy to drive once you rebuild the XW

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