Justin Stephenson’s Pro Street 1966 Fastback Mustang
Old cars are like books. They all come with a story – some more interesting than others. But every once in a while you stumble across something that really makes you utter a simple, yet very honest, ‘wow!’ This 66 Fastback Mustang was such a car, but it took me a while to actually get to the point of realising just how special it was.
After many visits to Mustang Auto Parts and hundreds of work hours, Justin completed his dream fastback. This beast is a perfect representation of American Muscle paired with Australian Engineering – I had to ask Justin if we could take it out for a drive and line it up for a shoot.
Here are some words from Justin! 
“I found the fastback at a swap meet. It wasn’t pretty, but I thought to myself, this is the only chance I have of owning one.
After a complete rotisserie build, here we are.
I remember being in a mate's tuff XP wagon and racing a Cortina at power cruise. I said what’s in that thing he said a barra, and from then on I wanted one. I was looking for a cortina when I found the mustang I thought why not do the Barra? Cheaper than a v8 and has been there and never had a big turbo. “
We are incredibly impressed with this masterpiece and look forward to seeing it hook up at future drag events! 
Pictures and Specs 
Barra  F6 Tyfoon BF engine 
GTX4202 Turbo
Valve springs
Head studs
Pump gears  
1250cc injectors 
Ross balancer
Custom manifold 
4” exhaust system built by Spot on
PWR intercooler 
2-speed power glide built by Elite 
3400 converter built byTCI and modified by ASNU Converters
Sheet metal 9” differential
True track LSD 
35 spine axles 
Gassard Brothers mono leaf springs
Entire rear driveline was built by Gassard Brothers
Competition Engerning 3 point adjustable shocks front and back 
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